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The company Re-Branding has been existing in the market for more than seven years.
For this period it has grown from a small design-studio into a big branding agency. The team of qualified specialists generates and implements original ideas for your business, finds optimal solutions for the tasks set. We offer a wide range of services in the field of corporate and commodities branding: naming, creation of logos and brand styles, making up of brand books and development of web-sites of any complexity.
Namely using visual means of communication a company presents itself (or its product) to the public. The brighter a presentation is, the more it corresponds to the essence of a product (a company), the shorter the way to the customer’s heart is. It is necessary not only to make a positive impression but also to maintain it in future.

In the company's own logo was designed restyling - the old logo was presented to the younger demographic layer
New logo of the Polish Football Association was developed in Warsaw SaltPepper Brand design specifically for the World Cup 2012
New projects
Personnel service

The agency © Rebranding has made a creative design site in a modern style.

A chain of fast food restaurants

Our task was to create a vivid and recognizable brand image in the toughly competitive market environment.

Creation of a corporate style

Corporate style is a serious message of a company to position itself in the business environment. Corporate style allows for a company to be expressively presented by means of special graphical methods, fonts and color schemes which will be used in all the elements and objects of corporate identification. The design of a corporate style always reflects the gist of the business course chosen by the company and specific features of its inter-relations with the external environment.

At the same time a corporate style is a powerful strategic branding instrument; each of its elements works for the strengthening of your brand position in media and business environment. Namely for this reason the single concept and unified standards for designing all units of the corporate style is really necessary, thus, the development of the corporate idea can be entrusted only to the professional team of a branding agency.

Development of a logo (Trade mark)

he development of a logo always means the creation of the individual corporate image represented with the graphic means. When creating a logo plenty of information on the company’s activity, product and positioning in the market is studied and analyzed. The developer’ aim is not to miss even a minor detail in the sphere where the company works, each detail and the image taken as a whole will used afterwards when designing the logo. On different levels it can be a very important piece of information, easily and clearly read by the partners and existing or potential clients.

The development of a logo is a weighted procedure similar to an exact science where each element is analyzed and selected as accurately as elements of a mosaic in order to produce a succinct and clearly intelligible image as a result – the accurate graphical expression. The final result is always the aggregate of the developers’ experience checked at lots of developed solutions, sharp vision and professional nose. Therefore, entrusting the development of a logo to a branding agency you rely on professionals who perfectly know their business.